Thursday, September 26, 2013

Style Icon - Experimenting Menswear with Katharine Hepburn

Menswear for women's fashion was a trend for a couple of high-end fashion brands two years ago. I remember shuffling through their runway slideshows for the Fall/Winter women's wear collection and falling for the neutral color scheme, the tailored fitting, the simple sharpness and boldness of the power. There are a couple of ways to put together an outfit with a taste of androgyny; oversized sweaters, pants and suit jackets are one way (Winona Ryder has some examples that I will feature in a post soon), and fitted button-down shirts, slacks and loafers would create another style. Katharine Hepburn was a great example for such androgynous style. 

Her lady-like style is also very elegant and simple.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Style Icon - Dita Von Teese

Known for her glamorous burlesque performances, Dita's daily style is just as exquisite. Her dark curls are always tamed and neat, her lips always bright red. She wears stilettos even when she is just running errands or shopping around. She is very skilled at manipulating the dramatic and sometimes exaggerated elements of her style, to have the pieces shine and keep the look elegant at the same time. Behind the glam glows her confidence and appreciation of being a woman, which is all the more inspiring.